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Plankomatic is a freelance artist specializing in original, custom artwork. I love creating  images that present social narratives and their odd, arbitrary and absurd connections. Whether it’s a commissioned piece,  gallery work , freelance illustrations or even something for a special occasion, I’m always up for the challenge , whether its my own ideas or a client.


I’m passionate about my art and my goal is to create pieces that will evoke emotion in viewers. My artwork is an expression of my vision and a reflection of my unique style.The inspiration of my ideas are based on interpretations, observations, symbolism, alternative realities, everyday social interactions, cognitive comprehension, conversations, sensory stimulation and my need to categorize them in a visual representation.

My work , I hope,  will help inspire within viewers their own proclivity to question reality and to reexamine their cognitive biases.

For all inquiries about commissions, freelance work, comments, please use the contact page.


Thank you for visiting my webpage and please check back in the future to see new additions.

Crazy Duck Planka Promo1.jpg
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